Workshop Topics

Workshop Topics:


Despite the fact that the United States is a nation of immigrants, immigration is currently a hot political topic and human rights violation. In this absorbing session, participants will have the opportunity to experience for themselves some of the challenges faced by immigrants in this country. Additionally, myths about the immigration and the experience will be provided. Finally, participants will discuss how their increase understanding can be translated into action in their school and communities.

Latina Empowerment Luncheon

This luncheon will offer those who identify as Latina the opportunity to discuss and capitalize on their interests, skills, and talents in their journey of personal and professional growth. The luncheon will also focus on encourage, supporting, and inspiring another Latinas to take on leadership roles by acquiring the knowledge and tools needed to succeed.

Owning Your Latinx Journey and Creating Your Story

Stories are powerful. Sharing stories is foundational to the building of community. In this session, participants will be led by focusing on building community, solidarity, and empowerment through their stories. The workshop will aim to identify the skills, talents, and knowledge they possess because of their Latinx identity. The cultural community wealth model will be used as a framework for addressing our community capital.

Confianza y Fe (confidence and faith): Cultivating for Leadership

Development in Latinx Students

Participants will gain a basic understanding of Latinx culture, understand Latinx Leadership Development theories and models, get a sense of the complexities of intersecting identities and how this shapes student experiences. Attendees will develop key skills useful for supporting this population in any a peer, mentor, or advisor role.

No More Drama: Using Restorative Practices in Social Justice Work

Conflict is an inevitable consequence when diverse and charismatic leaders are brought together for a common goal. However, how these leaders deal with those conflicts can determine how effectively the group will operate. This workshop is geared towards empowering participants with effective restorative practice skills that they can use to help facilitate difficult conversations, meetings, or events. Furthermore, participants of this workshop will leave the session having explore their own comfort level with various dimensions of diversity that might be landmines for conflict.

#ParaAdelante: Using Social Media as a Tool for Advocacy

Social media can be a powerful to inform a community of the challenges being faced, but also as a tool to initiate change within a campus. This workshop will help participants learn the skills necessary to navigate the social media realm. Participants will also begin the process of creating powerful taglines to propel their message in social media.

Valuing Whiteness: Colorism in the Latinx Community

Colorism in the Latinx community is an issue that isn’t discussed enough and at worst pretend it doesn’t exist. Terms like prieta, morena, and mulata or comments such as eres prieta con buen pelo can have damaging effects. In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding on the impact that colorism has within the Latinx community. Additionally, participants will be asked to explore their biases associated with the value of “whiteness.”