Sample Conference Schedule

Sample Conference Schedule

*The schedule is Subject to Change*

Day 1 


Welcome & Keynote Session

Session Title: Unleashing the Trailblazer Within
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Esther Zeledón and Dr. Paul River
Room: Miller Building – 114
Description: Dr. Esther Zeledon and Dr. Paul Rivera confront and dismantle the limiting beliefs that have long shadowed our cultural narrative, igniting a potent mindset of possibility and defiant strength. This talk is a rallying cry for those ready to transcend convention and channel their heritage into a vibrant tapestry of success. Embrace your power, chart new territories of influence, and become the architects of a future that celebrates every Latino voice and victory. Together, we’ll turn the spark of individual potential into a blaze of collective triumph.

Day 2


Session Block I

Session A
Workshop Title: Appreciative Leadership Roles
Presenter: Heinz Alfredo Fernandez, M.Ed.and Annelyn Janib Martinez
Room: Miller Building – 205
Description: Appreciative Advising is a theoretical framework that has helped advisors and instructors connect with students. Leadership in student affairs and other divisions across higher education have adopted this model, but students in leadership positions continue struggling to connect with their peers, maintaining motivation and retention in their organizations. By introducing the model and explaining the importance of Appreciative Advising in leadership roles, this presentation seeks to answer the question: What happens when leaders become more invested in their peers by being more intentional with their interactions? It is hoped that this presentation will inspire student leaders to create more meaningful bonds that would help in recruitment, retention, and an overall greater sense of satisfaction in the college experience. Similarly, this presentation will assist professional staff advisors on how to best support their organizations by improving interactions between professional staff and students.

Session B
Workshop Title: Ni de aqui, ni de alla (Not from here, not from there)
Presenters: Mariana Floran
Room: Miller Building – 204
Description: As a first-generation student who moved to the states at 8 yrs. old and now having a higher ed position I would like to share my journey and eventually persuade the young Lantin X students to earn their education. For this workshop I want to point out the struggles first generation students have especially when they come from immigrant families. Understanding the cultural, language and even financial barriers of pursuing an education in America. Lastly acknowledging together as a group that it is okay to not feel like you belong to any country because there’s a whole generation right next to you in the same situation.
10:30am – 10:45am

Session Block II
10:45am – 12:00PM

Session A
Workshop Title: Leadership within Latinx Student Organizations: Providing Growth Opportunities for Your Membership & Becoming Career Ready
Presenter: Heidi M. Pineda and Camille Rodriguez
Room: Miller Building – 205
Description: Career development is not only for senior students. It is an ongoing process that is nurtured through coursework, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. For Latinx student leaders, their own career development process might involve Executive Board (E-Board) leadership in culturally-based organizations. While E-Board members learn and practice many skills through their role, these organizations can also aid in the professional development of the broader membership. Student organizations are already spaces for members to find sense-of-belonging and community that aid in their continued success as students. They therefore hold great potential to prepare their membership for post-graduate pathways. For E-Board members, having the ability to provide experiential learning opportunities that contribute to member growth and development is an aspect of strong leadership.

Session B
Workshop Title: Confronting and Combating Anti-Blackness in the Latinx Community
Presenters: Jose Luis Posos, M.Ed., LPC & Ayannah Johnson M.Ed.
Room: Miller Building – 204
Description: Anti-blackness is certainly alive and well in the Latinx community. From
brushing off jokes that are racist to using questionable nicknames for people who are Black
to interrogating Black Latinxs about their identity, there is a significant amount of work that
needs to occur to effectively combat these bigoted behaviors. This workshop focuses on
addressing how non-Black Latinxs perpetuated anti-blackness inside and outside the Latinx
community through self-exploration of one’s conditioning and unconscious biases.


Session Block III

Session A
Workshop Title: Scholarships As a Side Hustle?
Presenter: India Prather, Esq.
Room: Miller Building – 205
Description: How much will you owe in student loans after 4 years? Scholarship Expert, India Prather, will discuss how you can stop taking out loans and start winning scholarships! She will also give you the tools you need to help you quickly find scholarships and eliminate hours of research. Even more exciting, India will remove the mystery behind winning scholarships, teaching you what judges are looking for and how to build strong essays that win! Join India and get ready to learn about scholarships!

Session B
Workshop Title: From Stigma to Advocacy: Promoting Mental Health on your Campuses
Presenter: Jose L. Posos, M.Ed., LPC
Room: Miller Building – 204
Description: Have you ever struggled mentally or emotionally but felt too ashamed to reach out for help? You are not alone – 1 out of 5 adults will have a diagnosable mental illness in their lifetime. Although mental health is so important, we rarely talk about it with friends, family members, or in our communities. Let’s change that! Come participate in this presentation to discuss the importance of mental health and highlight how together you can change your campus community to be more supportive of your and others mental health!

Saturday Closing Workshop

Workshop Title: Reflections and Connections
Presenters: Latinx Leads Conference Team
Room: Miller 114
Description: Engage in a transformative two-part workshop, “Reflections & Connections,” tailored to enhance your conference experience through deep reflection and meaningful networking. This workshop is especially beneficial for attendees looking to fully integrate their learning and establish valuable connections.

Part 1: Reflections
1. The first session, “Reflections,” focuses on personal introspection. Participants are encouraged to:
2. Reflect on conference learnings.
3. Identify key takeaways and their personal significance.
4. Assess personal and professional growth influenced by new insights.
5. Engage in interactive discussions to broaden perspectives.

Part 2: Connections
In “Connections,” the second part of our workshop, we shift our focus to building relationships and continuing conversations. This session offers:
1. Networking Opportunities
2. Continuing Conversations
3. Sharing Learnings
4. Facilitated Group Discussions
5. Collaborative Reflection

Day 3


Session Block I

Session A
Session Title: Juntos Avanzamos: Building a Purpose-Driven Latinx Community
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Esther Zeledón and Dr. Paul Rivera
Room: Miller Building – 112
Description: This engaging and interactive workshop provides a transformative exploration into the synergy of purpose, individuality, and collective strength within the Latinx community. This workshop underscores the necessity to harmonize personal aspirations with communal vision in fostering a purpose-driven community. Counteracting the individualistic American Dream, we advocate for a purpose-driven model that builds collective action and power within the Latinx community from the strength of individual aspirations. This process involves cultivating a shared Mission, Vision, and Purpose (MVP) that respects individuality and nurtures communal growth. Tailored to university settings but applicable to any personal and professional spheres, participants will learn to build networks beyond immediate circles and establish an empowering, diverse community of champions. The importance of uplifting each other’s success and recognizing the contributions of all community members is emphasized. Participants will leave equipped with practical strategies to nurture purpose-driven networks that bolster individual growth and communal resilience. Harnessing the power of the collective, we invite participants into the journey of creating a true, supportive, and purposeful Latinx community.

Session B
Workshop Title: No More Drama
Presenter: Dr. Christoper Irving
Room: Miller Building – 114
Description: Conflict is an inevitable consequence when diverse and charismatic leaders
are brought together for a common goal. However, how these leaders deal with those
conflicts can determine how effectively the group will operate. This workshop is geared
towards empowering participants with effective restorative practice skills that they can use to
help facilitate difficult conversations, meetings, or events. Furthermore, attendees of this workshop will leave the session having explored their own comfort level with various dimensions of diversity that might be landmines for conflict.

10:30am – 10:45am


Workshop Title: Campus Action Plan
Presenters: Student Leadership Conference Team
Room: Audubon Room (Danna Center 223)